About - Matsglobetrotter

Almirante Brown Base, antarctica with MS_Fram

Born in Sweden, Work in Philippines and on missions. Have a lovely daughter living in Taveuni, Fiji. Have a very cute son in Uganda. Globetrotter, workaholic, adrenaline junkie, Aid worker. Been to just about all the worlds most dangerous places. Met the child soldiers in Liberia. FARC in Colombia. Brazzaville 1 day after the war ended having a Cobra guy as bodyguard. Climbed the mountains in Mindanao with 20 elite soldiers to no be kidnapped by the rebels. Sitting at a military post just outside Bujumbura with the rebels attacking less than a km away. Kosovo- Mitrovica just got out before some major clashes between the serbs and Albanians. Kampala with a bomb blowing up just infront of me outside my normal hangout. Once I was scared on a mission… That was when I was in New York! Touching wood all the time!

I have currently been to 147 countries on the TCC official list of countries/entities and continue to travel either for work or as a hobby. I love taking pictures of the places I visits. Pictures can be of ordinary life, landscape, HDR- enhanced photo's and sometimes macro photography of flowers and animals.

The equipment I use for my Photography;

Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 6D

Canon 16-35 mm L lens

Canon 100 - 400mm L lens


Canon DPP